What is a pathway plan?

A pathway plan is a report that is completed with you and your Social Worker/Personal Advisor, foster carer or other professionals. The report will indicate what the Local Authority will do to support you in leaving care and in moving forwards into independent living.

Why do I need a pathway plan?

Experience shows us that if you have a plan you are more likely to achieve what you want to, than if you don’t have a plan. It allows your voice and wishes to be recorded and acted upon. The pathway plan is reviewed at least every six months and you should be involved in the assessment and planning, as should any significant adult / other professionals or family members to ensure that your wishes and ideas are implemented. Sometimes pathway plans are reviewed because of a significant change of circumstances.

The plan will continue to be implemented and reviewed once the care leavers have left the service at least until they are 2, and up to the age of 25 if in higher education.

A pathway plan includes:

  • your wishes and dreams for the future
  • where you want to live
  • whether you want to continue in education or go into training or work
  • information about your health and development
  • contact arrangements with your family and friends
  • who is around to support you
  • what you need to learn to be able to look after yourself well
  • managing your money, what money you have to live on and how good you are at handling money
  • if you want to be involved in improving the services that young people receive.