Are you are aged 16 or 17?

The way you receive money will change when you leave foster or residential care you will no longer receive money for a holiday, specific money for clothes or activities. The contribution to your long term savings will come to an end.

You will not be entitled to claim benefits. You will get living allowance money from the Child in Care or Leaving Care team if you are not in foster care. If you haven’t got one already, you will need to open a bank account as the allowance is usually paid straight in to your bank. The amount is the same as jobseekers allowance

If you are a single parent or if you have a disability, or if you are supported by the asylum seeking team, please speak to your social worker/Personal Advisor about what finances you are entitled to and what help you require to set up any accounts or make any claims.


If you are aged 18

If you are not working at 18 you will need to make a claim for benefits, job seekers allowance if you are looking for work, income support if you are continuing in education.

If you are not working, or on a low wage and you are paying rent you may also need to make a claim for housing benefit and council tax.

You will get vouchers every year.

There is also some money that may be available to help with costs related to education, employment, moving in, contact expenses, identity documents, etc. This can be discussed with your social worker or personal advisor in the first instance.


Birthday allowance

Young people who are living independently will receive £100 for their 18th birthday, £30 for their 19th birthday, £30 for their 20th birthday and £50 for their 21st birthday (paid in vouchers).


Department of Work and Pension

We have a Social Justice Coach for Care leavers is at Woodhouse Road several days a week.

Benefit drop-in session – every Friday at 11am, by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

If you are in full time education, you can apply for Income Support. If not, you may be able to claim Job Seekers Allowance while you look for work unless you have an immigration status that prevents this.

Support on Immigration:

  • contact your Solicitor
  • contact Migrants Resource Centre:
  • Refugee Support Network