Barnet’s Child Friendly Programme

Barnet is the first London borough to partner with UNICEF UK to deliver the international Child Friendly Cities and Communities programme. The programme aims to ensure the rights of children and young people are embedded across services and policies that impact the lives of children and young people in Barnet. We believe this will support the aim in becoming a truly Family Friendly borough.

“A child friendly community is a place where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are considered and taken seriously as part of decision making.”(UNICEF UK)

This is a whole borough approach which means Barnet Council is working with children, young people and partners that include: Health, Education, Police and the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector colleagues to carry out the work.

So far, we have engaged with over 1900 local children and young people and over 100 key professionals to co-produce Barnet’s Children and Young People’s Plan 2019-2023 which details the practical ways we will embed the rights of children across the work we do. Over the next 3-5 years we want to work with many more children and young people to ensure their voices shape, steer and monitor the success of the programme.

The Child Rights Advisory Board will be a key platform to enable this and will act as the scrutiny panel alongside the Children & Young People’s Partnership Board.  

The programme includes 6 key outcome areas chosen by local children, young people, adults and UNICEF UK. They will guide the work and enable us to measure progress over the next few years. They are:

Family & Belonging   Families and children can be together and be part of a community that encourages resilience 

Safe & Secure   Children and young people are safe and protected from harm

Education & Learning   Children and young people can learn about the world around them

Culture   Our attitudes and behaviours enhance the way we work with and for children and young people

Cooperation & Leadership   We include children and young people in decision making

Communication   Information is shared effectively to children, young people and families across the borough