Advocacy in Barnet

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy means helping you to express your views and making sure that these views are taken seriously.

  • We will help you find out about your rights, so that you can make up your own mind about what you want to happen

  • We will help you explain your views and will make sure that people listen to you

  • We can speak with those who are supporting you, like social workers, teachers or family, to help make sure that you are involved in any plans being made about you

  • If you want, we can help you to make a complaint and support you through the process

If you would like an Advocate you can ask your Social Worker to refer you, or you can self- refer directly to:

Action for Children

Sara Gomes - Practice Team Leader
Office: 020 7254 9408
Mob: 07764 787 968  
Web page: