Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Support



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Westminster Drug Programme (WDP)

The Barnet Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service (WDP) will work with you whether you use drugs or alcohol for fun, have a problem with them and/or would like to know more about them.

WDP Barnet Young People’s drug and alcohol service (YPDAS) offers support for young people who may be affected by drug or alcohol problems.

WDP’s first young people service is aimed at those under 18. We offer personalised services to meet young people’s individual needs.

WDP works with young people in different ways, it depends if you are looking for;
•Someone to talk to
•Help with family or school/college issues
•Help to cut down your drug or alcohol use
•Health assessment.

We can meet you wherever feels safe for you and you can bring other people with you to support you. If you don’t like talking that’s ok too.

If you are using drugs and alcohol and would like to meet us to see what we’re about then take a look at our:

website - here or

Call us - 0300 303 3169 | Mob: 07984400794