Your health and wellbeing is very important to us. You will have regular health reviews and have access to your own designated nurse.


Barnet LAC Health Team

Central London Community Healthcare Trust

Vale Drive Cline, Vale Drive, Barnet, EN5 2ED


Sahida Begum Named Nurse - 07827 231062

Yvonne Conway Specialist Nurse - 07566 290074

Kelly Charles Specialist Nurse - 07827 233139

Veronica Osborne LAC Co-ordinator - 0208 492 6442

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The nurse will:

  • make sure you are registered with a doctor and a dentist

  • meet with you to complete your annual health review (children under five are seen every six months)

  • make sure your health care needs are part of your care plan and that health is part of your review discussions

  • find out vital information about your health, for example, whether you have had all your childhood vaccinations

  • refer you to other professionals who will help you if necessary such as mental health support


If you would like to meet your nurse then please ring 0208 492 6442

Why have Health Assessment?

The reason for having a health assessment is to make sure that we are able to identify your health needs. It is also an opportunity to promote children and young people’s health.

It also gives you an opportunity to have a confidential discussion with a health professional.

We ensure that any necessary referrals are made and followed up in a timely manner, so that the child doesn’t have to wait.

Why have a Dental Assessment?

We recommend that you see a dentist at least twice a year, to ensure good oral hygiene. Recommendations are that you brush twice a day and use mouthwash.

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