We are dedicated to helping you get the best you can from your educational experience in order for you to have exciting choices later in life.

When you come into care there is a designated team who support you with your education and learning. You will be given a dedicated case worker who help all you to achieve your best to support you with your choices for the future. The team are there for you.

The team support you from the age of 0 up until the end of your academic year after your 18th birthday. We will monitor how well you are doing through your Personal Educational Plan (PEP).

Privacy Notice: Virtual School Attendance and Attainment

Meet your Team: 

Head Teacher of the Virtual School - Sarah Deale
Executive Head Teacher - Paul Whitcombe
E-mail: barnet.virtualschool@barnet.gov.uk
Phone: 0208 359 4534

The Virtual School work closely with your Foster Carers, Social Worker and School, and arrange termly meetings to review your PEP.

What is a Personal Educational Plan (PEP)? 

Your caseworker will work with you to create your PEP identifying your achievements, finding solutions for any learning barriers (i.e. tuition) and most importantly focusing on your wishes, ideas and needs. Your PEP will identify targets that have been agreed to support you to make maximum education progress.

What is a PEP meeting? 

PEP meetings take place every term in school to review how you are doing in your education and your academic progress.

A qualified teacher, known as Designated Teacher from your school  organises your meeting with your Social Worker and invities relevant people such as you and your Foster Carer.  We would really like to hear about you and ask you to complete a young person’s views page. Please fill this in, we read every one of them.

Do I have to attend my PEP?

No - if you don’t wish to attend you don’t have to. As long as you complete your young person's view page, your voice can be respresented. However, we do encourage you to attend and your Social Worker will explore this with you.

If you are scared or worried about attending your PEP we encourage you to speak to your Virtual School Caseworker or another trusted adult.

You also have the option to chair or co-chair your meetings.  The meetings are about you and for you.

I am not in education do I have a PEP?

Yes. If you are not in education your PEP is even more important. Your Virtual School Caseworker will be working with you to help you return to education. If you are in the 6th form, this plan may be to encourage and support you into education, employment or training.

Do the Virtual School just support with PEP’s?

No - we sit in the background and monitor your education progress, attendance, and address any issues relating to school that are brought to our attention by you, your Social Worker, your carer, or IRO.

Your are entitled to (ages 4-16) a grant from the government that Head of the Virtual School monitors and spends to meet your educational needs. We provide tutors to help you with your education progress and particularly at important times such as: GCSE’s or level 3 qualifications. We have a homework club and we provide lots of planned enrichment activities in school holidays and after school and weekends. This includes a residential trip – please call us if you want to know more.  So far we have been on writing weeks, camping, sailing, farming, theatre to name but a few.