What is a Child in Care Review meeting?

Looked After Children (LAC) Review, is a review meeting, for you and everyone to talk about how you are getting on and the plans that are being made with you while you are in care. You, your parents (if appropriate), social worker and carer will be at this meeting. There may be times that other people are invited, like your teacher or advocate if you need someone to support you.

There is always an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) at reviews. It is their job to lead the discussion at the meeting and help decide your long-term plans. They will make sure that you understand what is happening. They will talk to you before the meeting starts. They will ask you if there is anything you would like to talk about at the meeting and tell you exactly what will happen in the meeting so that there will be no surprises. Remember your views are very important. There will also be an opportunity for you to chair your own review, as long as you are comfortable doing so.

The aim of your review is to talk about your progress while being in care. People who are involved in your life get together to discuss your day to day care and plan for your future. This meeting is all about you.

Your meeting focuses on your:

  • Education

  • Placement

  • Contact

  • Health

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Anything that is important to you

How often review meetings happen?

You will have your first review when you have been in care for 20 working days or 28 days if you counted the Saturdays and Sundays. The next review meeting will be three months later.

The review meeting will then take place every six months. You will be appointed an IRO within five days of being in care in Barnet. You IRO will contact you soon after the 5 days.

Who can attend my meeting?

It’s up to you- it’s for you. You can choose who can attend your meeting, as well as where and when it takes place.

It is very important that you go to your review meeting and talk about your views and what you want and think is important to you. If you cannot attend, make sure you speak to your Independent Reviewing officer or fill out your consultation form to make sure your views are included in the decisions that will be made. The meetings need to work for you so please let us know how we can support you to attend and make sure you have a say. 

Once everything has been discussed, decisions about how to get the best results for you will be made. These may include how long will you be in care, how often and the type of contact you will have with your friends and family, whether you need additional support with schoolwork or whether you have an interest or hobby.  

Be involved in chairing your review

We want every young person to be able to participate fully in their review meeting. This means being involved in the planning of the meeting, what happens at the meeting and in the decisions being made. Your IRO is there to make sure this happens and one way of doing this is for them to be the chair person of the review meeting. This means they make sure everyone gets a chance to talk at the meeting and that the decisions that are made are the right ones for you. Your IRO must make sure that you have a care plan that will help you achieve and be successful in all areas of your life.

There are many different ways for young people to participate in their review meetings and we want you to be able to choose the best way for you. You may want to chair your review meeting yourself or to help chair it. This is something your IRO can support you with. This could mean deciding the order in which things get talked about, when people should speak and helping the meeting think about the best way to help you. This may mean you feel there is more of a focus on you and what you want in the meeting rather than the workers points of view.

If you would like to chair your review meeting or help chair it please let your IRO know. If you don't want to chair your review meeting this is also OK.

We will also be developing other ways of involving young people in their meetings and would like to hear your views. There will be more information about this soon.

What happens next?

The meetings will be written up capturing what is discussed during your meeting. You will then be given a record of the meeting for you to review. If you wish for your report to be changed if there is something you disagree with, you can discuss this with your social worker.

Please speak to your Social Worker or Independent Reviewing Officer if you have any questions.