The Children in Care team is responsible for children who are placed in the care of the council because their families can no longer look after them.

The ways children can come into our care:

  • through a voluntary arrangement, where their parents or those with parental responsibility agree to them being placed in our care

  • police powers of protection, where the police are concerned that children are at risk of immediate harm

  • under an interim care order made by a court to place them in care for a period of eight weeks

  • under a care order made by court placing the child in our care

When children come into care, we become their corporate parents. That means we have a responsibility to look after them as if they were our own children.

Welcome Guide for Children in Care

 You can find the welcome guide here.

The welcome guide provides information on the following areas:

  • A welcome from your Children in Care Council

  • About your workers – IRO and Social Worker

  • Questions you may have when you come into care

  • Barnet On Point

  • Barnet Virtual School

  • Leaving Care Service: Onwards & Upwards

  • Children in Care website

  • Your Voice

  • List of helpful contacts

Our Pledge for Children in Care and Care Leavers

As Corporate Parents we want to support you to achieve the best in your childhood, adolescence and adulthood. As with all parents we know we will not always get things right but we pledge to do our best.

What is a pledge?

A Pledge is a document which tells you what Barnet Children's Service will do for you during your time in care, and what we need from you.

Care Leavers Foreword

"You will get through your situation no matter how difficult it may be or how it may make you feel. Just know people do care about you. Being in care will not define who you are, nor will your past determine your future. This Pledge sets out what will be delivered for you. Be sure to take full advantage."

By Care Leavers and Children in Care Council member

The Pledge has key priorities that sets out what will be delivered for you by Barnet:

  • a good education

  • feeling a sense of belonging

  • keeping healthy

  • staying safe

  • championing your needs

To view the full version of the pledge and to find out more about each key priority and what services are avilable to you please click here or ask your social worker for a copy of the Pledge.